The Finest 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
*Collected from premium silkworms.


The Highest Grade 6A Long Silk Fibers
*Only 5% silk in the world meets this grade 6A standard.

VELLADA Anti-Aging Products

Unlock your skin's youth potential and see it spring back with new bounce, glow with radiant vitality. Own a beautiful skin by using Vellada Mulberry silk Pillowcase, mulberry silk bed sheet and mulberry silk scrunchies.

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Mulberry Silk Clinically Tested

vellada mulberry silk makes magic

Vellada Mulberry silk PILLOWCASE is guaranteed to prevent sleep lines and wrinkles. You'll notice your skin will be fresher, softer, and more hydrated. HAIR FRIZZ AND TANGLES- Our silk pillowcase lets your hair glide across the pillowcase, reducing bed head, hair breakage and split ends.

Vellada luxury mulberry silk pillow covers are made of 100% pure natural mulberry silk. 22 Momme (600 Thread Count). The comfort and breathability of silk make you feel refreshed in the summer and smooth in winter. Silk fabric contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which are believed to be effective in stimulating the metabolism of skin cells and are very suitable for anti-aging. Silk never absorbs facial moisture and is perfect for people with sensitive skin..

Vellada mulberry silk Pillowcase creates less friction of your beautiful curly hairstyle and reduces hair breakage than sleeping on cotton pillowcases - Silk ultra-Soft, Smooth, Breathable, Wrinkle-free,Will NOT absorb moisture to help retain your shiny hair , perfect for curly hair - silky pillowcases prevent hair from becoming knotted and matted.Great for preventing wrinkles, dry skin and frizzled hair, and morning bed head..


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