Vellada Anti Aging Pillowslip

Are you looking for the best anti aging skincare products?  Would you like to improve your skincare regimen and stay younger-looking for as long as possible? Vellada Pillowslip helps in  keeping your skin fresh, glowing and healthy .  Let’s take a look at the different properties within Vellada anti-ageing Pillowslip and explain why they work   


Anti-Aging products mean you may be thinking about some serum or cream to be applied on your face. But here, we are going to introduce one of the most effective anti-aging product which has Proven Clinically and recommends by Doctor.

We do not put any Exaggerated promises, such as look 10 years younger overnight or quickly reduces all signs of aging etc. Vellada anti-aging Pillowslip deliver modest results for longer term basis and its purely produced in organic way so it has no side effects like other anti-aging cream which can cause skin irritation, acne etc.

How Vellada Pillowslip Protects from Aging ?

  • Hydration: Vellada PillowSlip is very less absorbent to face moisture. Just Think, you are spending 6-8 hours each day in bed and normal pillowcase absorb moisture from your face(even you apply moisture cream before bed) during this long time that make your face dry and push you towards aging. Vellada Pillowslip helps to retain moisture in your face and protect you from wrinkle and aging.
  • Antioxidant : Sebum comes out from sebaceous glands in transports fat-soluble antioxidants, such as vitamin E to the surface of the skin of the face. Antioxidants are      natural compounds that protect against the damaging effects of free radicals.      Vellada Pillowslip nurture your face by retaining such antioxidant elements in face, wherein Normal Pillowcase absorb all such critical elements and cause      damage.
  • Age Protect: Sebum penetrate from sebaceous glands having hyaluronic acid  and vitamin C highly effective at preventing wrinkles from forming or getting deeper. Vellada Pillowslip nurture your face by retaining such antioxidant elements in face, wherein Normal Pillowcase absorb all such critical elements and push towards aging.

Additional Benefit

Additionally, Vellada Pillowslip having organic ingredients which fight against bacteria and fungus and protect face from damage. So this product is Non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic. Also very smooth surface and cooling effect of the product does not cause any skin irritation, it is suitable for all kind of skin including baby.

Also think about all the cream or serum you apply on your face before go to bed in night, normal pillowcase absorb more than 60% of such serum and you get very less benefit out of that. In other hand, Vellada PillowSlip does not absorb this.


Vellada Pillowslip has no side effect as it does not contain any chemical or toxic element. This is been tested clinically for 1000+ people and received great response. Dermatologist recommend this product for its great benefit. You can get double benefit if you use Vellada PillowSlip along with doctor’s recommended anti aging serum.

Yes, this product can be used for sensitive and all kind of skins, very smooth surface of the pillowcase cause less friction and cooling control gives soothing effect .

Its made with 100% Mulberry silk Protein  fiber

Key Content

Fibroin—— 72-75%

Sericin—— 22-23%

Wax and fat —1.4-2.7% Mineral salts 

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